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My studio is all about mixing strong healthy technique with honest communication and connection to lyric.  The most healthy and successful singing comes when it's powered by a solid foundation and acting intention. 


So many vocal challenges come from allowing our “head” to get in the way -  my method allows clients to get out of their heads which opens up a world of range, ability and ease. 


POP/ROCK            JAZZ            FOLK         THEATRE


I have a great grasp on all these genres and love to work with clients on improving and developing contemporary style, riffing and feel.  


I also love finding unique music and can offer great help in updating books or finding the new 32, 16 or dreaded 8 bar cut.


It's always a safe, comfortable environment where people feel free to take risks and grow and become more confident.   





Jersey Boys, The Book of Mormon

Ilene is my go-to audition coach. Whether it’s singing through notes on the page or fleshing out acting beats, Ilene has always been spot on with her guidance and interpretation. She leads and teaches with her heart, and because of that I always leave the room with an overwhelming sense of confidence. And it reflects in the audition room. I couldn’t recommend her enough.



School of Rock, Netflix's 13

Ilene's approach to vocal coaching provides everything my daughter needs to do well in auditions for theater jobs: strong vocal technique, the right song for the audition, and a connection to the material that lets her tell the character's story. When she doesn't have an audition coming up, they work together to build her book of songs and develop the vocal health and technique to present them well. Even when the work is rigorous, Ilene makes lessons fun and inspires my daughter to practice at home so she can be her best and most prepared for lessons and auditions. 



Almost Famous, The Book of Mormon

I have worked with many coaches in New York City, but after coaching with Ilene Reid I will never go to anyone else. Her work is so specific and helpful. After I first worked with her, she sent me a text asking how my audition went.. I thought wow, what a caring teacher! Every time I work with her I leave feeling prepared and excited to go in and sing my material— she reminds that singing should be fun, which is sometimes hard to remember in this crazy business. I can not recommend Ilene enough. When you work with her you not only gain a teacher, but you gain a mentor and a friend. 



Mamma Mia

Ilene was referred to me by a dear friend of mine- “you will LOVE her,” he told me. Before walking into our first session I had expected my lesson to be just like all the others I’ve had in the past. It wasn’t. First, she sat down with me and asked me questions about my journey as an artist and what I wanted to accomplish. She took time to get to know me before working with me and it made all the difference. As I worked through music with her, she was able to pull emotion from me that allowed the song (and my voice) to soar. It’s easy to make a voice lesson cerebral and forget about the emotion and passion that makes a song so great. She listened to the words, she listened to the music and she helped me, not only sing freely and from the heart, she helped me tell a story. Isn’t that what it’s all about? I am hooked!

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