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VICES: A Love Story is a unique piece in that the central characters never sing or speak but tell their story through movement. There are four singers who represent the voices in their heads. Because of the nature of the show, the six-person ensemble can be cast with non-traditional actors. Here is a little blurb about VICES:

As VICES: A Love Story explodes onto the stage, a beautiful couple dance a ferocious duet filled with passion and sexual energy…a leaping, spinning and gravity-defying expression of such raw attraction, you wonder how they can keep up the breathless intensity of their relationship…

VICES tells the story of what happens next: when passion cools and familiarity and disillusionment begin to puncture the lovers’ perfect world and they discover each other’s failures, foibles and flaws.

VICES: A Love Story presents a rock band and virtuoso ensemble of four singers who embody the voices inside the heads and hearts of the dance couple as they move throughout the show. They provide us with an intimate glimpse into the lovers’ thoughts and feelings as they journey from exhilarating infatuation to complacent couplehood, and still further to a darker place where they might emerge stronger, or break apart forever.



Carbonell Awards:

Best New Work: Michael Heitzman, Ilene Reid, Susan Draus, & Everett Bradley

Best Production of a Musical: Vices: A Love Story, Caldwell Theatre Company

Best Director of a Musical: Clive Cholerton

Best Actress: Holly Shunkey (winner)

Best Supporting Actor: Marcus Bellamy

Best Music Director: Jon Rose

Best Choreography: AC Ciulla (winner)

Joseph Jefferson Awards:

Best New Work

Best Director: Michael Heitzman

Best Musical Direction: Susan Draus

Best Actor: Everett Bradley

Best Choreography: Everett Bradley

Best Production: Revue

Best Ensemble Cast

Best Actress: Keely Vasquez

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